Southside on Lamar

I never posted our 1 year anniversary staycation in Dallas… 5 years ago 😱

Back when I had dyed my hair blue and it hadn’t quite turned a terrible green tinted blonde yet.

I’m sat waiting for an appointment and scrolling through old photos and remembering how much of a fantastic time we had.

It’s no longer the NYLO hotel, they reopened as CANVAS but the location is still the same with the rooftop pool.

Our anniversary is on the Fourth of July so we went to the roof to enjoy the fireworks. We had friends recently go for NYE fireworks as well because the view of the Dallas skyline is KILLER.

Plus if you do a midweek staycation like we did, chances are you get the pool to yourself in the AM! 📸🤳🏼

It’s in the cedars district and there’s plenty of places within walking distance for dinner/drinks as well.

We stopped by our favorite bar in Deep Ellum before heading back home after our staycation. Thinking we may do a repeat this summer 😝😏

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