Routine Sunday

Every Sunday we try to clean the house and hit the grocery store to shop for the coming week. I’ve been getting better about cooking and it saves us so much money.

Today, I was too lazy to clean buuuuut I did meal prep for little miss Tove. (also means I’ll be mopping the floors once Tove goes to bed tomorrow)

I cooked some eggs for Tove with spinach, onion, and cherry tomatoes. I also boiled some broccoli and carrots for her. Then I used the leftover broccoli, spinach, and tomatoes in the blender with some Greek yogurt and put it into portions for the fridge/freezer.

💥 and just like that we’re ready for this next week.

7 months

Another one in the books for little miss Tove! I feel like we’ve been getting to soak her up more recently. Could be because I work from home, or it could be because Ben’s work keeps closing due to the winter weather here in OKC.

Either way this last month we’ve gotten on a regular schedule of eating purées for dinner. Tove also is sleeping in her crib alone throughout the nights now. I slept 8 hours straight and felt like I had been on vacation.

She’s growing her bottom front teeth and enjoys being tickled all over (sometimes). She’s a chatty girl and sometimes she screams so loud mom and dad stare at each other in shock.

We’re working with a couple of new nannies and we enjoyed having a visit from Aunt Becky last month!