Feeling Some Type of Way

Current events had me starting my day very grateful for my health and my family. I shed many tears for the families that lost their loved ones due to gun violence recently.

It gets harder every day to want to continue to live in America when it seems like all anyone ever wants to do is offer thoughts and prayers.

But I’m focusing on the fact that I am able to care for my daughter while working from home since our nanny didn’t show up today. I’m focusing on the delicious lunch my mother made for me this past weekend. I focusing on the positives because I have to in order to keep going.

Protect your loved ones and hold them close because we never know what is on the horizon.

IG vs. Real Life

I call this the new mom edition.

Top photo is filtered and bottom one shows more of the “entire picture.” No shower, no make up, and two baskets of laundry that need to be folded and put away.

I hope social media doesn’t negatively affect Tove as much as it did me in my teenage years. It’s so easy to forget that most of what we see has been curated, and isn’t always the truth.

Would You?

I’ve tried to get better with the way I think about myself and the words I use on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s the small things that amount to something greater. So maybe if I stop calling myself stupid on a daily basis and replace the word with silly, I can feel less berated at the end of the day.