Finding Joy

This last week has been increasingly hard to get going in the mornings. Not that I’m tired, I mean I am, but that’s not the kind of struggle I’m feeling. I just feel no joy. Like I don’t want to be awake?

I’m hoping it’s just a phase and that it blows over quickly. The last two days have been excruciating in the mornings. I mentally tell myself to just power through until bedtime, but it’s no fun being a walking cloud of depression. I hate it because I look at Tove on a day like today, and she’s happy and I should be excited to spend the day with her off of work but instead I honestly would much rather turn all the lights off and stay in bed for 72hrs.

Just mentally not seeing the joy in life and that’s okay! Just in a funk right now…

The First Month

After a fight with PPD and a nasty struggle with PP anxiety I feel like I’ve finally managed to find a daily balance. I’m sure this is going to be turned upside down the minute I go back to work, but for now I feel like we’re navigating being new parents fairly well.

Tove has been with us a full month now and holy cow time goes by too fast when you have a newborn. They really do grow so fast and you can’t go back and rewind the precious moments. Plus all the hormones. It’s a trip. I feel like I’ve been on a trip since I went into labor.

She’s grown to 9lbs. Last we checked she also had grown to 23inches. Sooner than I want, I’m going to be her Mini-My and not the other way around 😭 she’s definitely becoming more of a chunky monkey.

She likes to stare at Tex and he gave her a kiss for the first time recently. Tove loves taking baths, the warm water really soothes her. We like to get in the bath together cause it helps heal Mamma’s stitches as well. She’s got a favorite pillow to lay on, it’s a down feather pillow and it keeps her warm. When we lay together though our temperatures both soar. She’s hot just like me.

Tove is wearing size 1 diapers now and is almost too big for her newborn onesies! She loves her breast milk and drinks 3oz in a sitting, my growing girl. She’s also started sleeping in longer stretches, I think we even got 5 hrs at one point!

She’s our little bird who peeps when she sleeps She’s definitely got good lungs and she found her voice screaming into both mom and dads ears.

We love her so much.