The Moth & The Flame




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Some people are like fire, you know they can burn you; but you want them any way. Ending those toxic relationships can be difficult. I was like a moth drawn to a flame, but I eventually decided to put out the fire.

At first, it felt miserable. Like going cold turkey from an addiction. Without the light the moth is left in the darkness, lost with no sense of direction. The flame uses the moth to fuel the fire. Fully aware it has flickered into different shapes in order to trick the moth into the light over and over again. Drawn to the flame, the moth wants so desperately to believe it won’t get burnt. I mean who knew the flame could change into so many different colors?

The flame tries its best to keep the moth around for the benefits. It’s a connection being maintained for a rainy day; when the fire is barely an ember and the moth can be used to give it life again. Like all situations when a moth is drawn to a flame, there are only two possible outcomes. Either the moth gets burnt to ashes in the fire or finds another source of light. Eventually this moth realized its own boundaries; it couldn’t keep flying full force into the flame absorbing and forgiving all the burns.

Sometimes the darkest times can bring us to the brightest place. I usually give people more chances than they deserve but once I’m done, I’m done. I have a limit and when you reach it I dismiss you from my life. It’s that simple. 


Hello Spring

Those of you who know me, or have seen me out and about know i have an affection for heels. Not the run-of-the-mill black patent pumps kind either. Any pair of shoes that can give me a good bump in height has a special place in my heart. Gotta love those 90’s platforms, or those killer Jeffrey Campbells.

Now that Spring is here (technically), i decided to oust some of my ratchet heels from last year and invite a few new pairs into the cult in my closet. Mind you, all of these are relatively vanilla compared to what i normally wear.

Gotta have a pair of black sandals, there’s just no surviving without. I opted for a pair of beige ones as well.. not my favorite color but they blend well with a tan and some summery dresses.

Last but not least, i had to decide whether to indulge my inner Barbie Girl or go for a more “mature” color. I did the latter, *ahem still not so mature*. I think these will be my staples for the upcoming months.