Finding Joy

This last week has been increasingly hard to get going in the mornings. Not that I’m tired, I mean I am, but that’s not the kind of struggle I’m feeling. I just feel no joy. Like I don’t want to be awake?

I’m hoping it’s just a phase and that it blows over quickly. The last two days have been excruciating in the mornings. I mentally tell myself to just power through until bedtime, but it’s no fun being a walking cloud of depression. I hate it because I look at Tove on a day like today, and she’s happy and I should be excited to spend the day with her off of work but instead I honestly would much rather turn all the lights off and stay in bed for 72hrs.

Just mentally not seeing the joy in life and that’s okay! Just in a funk right now…

3 thoughts on “Finding Joy

  1. I am in and out of depression and have been for years. However, I have learned that joy comes with a sense of peace that I bring to myself by being organized, fulfilling the needs of my own heart by listening to that still small voice inside that guides me daily. If I’m not listening then I’m not letting God guide me. I am always happiest when I surrender to His guidance. It requires faith and trust especially when I don’t see the same direction or can’t be still and calm enough to let it happen. It always turns out good when I am able to do so!



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